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The lessons below were developed by teachers attending the 15-hr. course

Integrating iPads in Classroom Instruction

Successful completion of this course, allows you to borrow our iPads for student use for your project and future projects for up to one month. There is no "one-way" to integrate iPads into instruction. We look forward to your proposals and ideas for best practices. The application is attached and may be submitted on a on-going basis.

iPad application_3


ELA 12 & Government & Economics 12- Special Ed

Citizenship in Literature 2015

ELA & Social Studies Grade 2- ESL

Fighting for a Cause 2015

ELA Grade 7 - General Ed

Condensed Collection 2015

Earth Science Grade 10- Special Ed

Meteorologist Report 2015

ELA - Special Ed

Creating Student Books 2015


The units listed below were produced by teachers within the Western Suffolk BOCES region. Each unit is designed to address the Common Core State Standards. Please remember the units are not approved by SED, however, we have included the Tri-State Rubric as a tool to be used to ensure that all material is common core aligned.

Tri State Rubric for ELA: Tri-State-ELA-Rubric

Tri State Rubric in Math: Tri-State-MATH-Rubric


English Language Arts

Grade 4: The World Around Me

ELA Unit - The World Around Me

Grade 5: Reading Closely with National Geographic

Reading with National Geographic

Grade 5: Exploring Shipwrecks

Explore Shipwrecks

Grade 5: The Statue of Liberty

ELA Unit - The Statue of Liberty - Grade 5 -

Grades 7/8- Using a Mentor Text for Narrative Writing

ELA Grades 7-8 Unit Using a Mentor Text for Narrative Writing

Grades 9/10: Gift of the Magi

Gift of the Magi Unit ELA 9-10

Grades 11/12: Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness

Mathematics Units

Grade 5: Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Math Grade 5 - multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers

Grade 6 - Polyhedrons and Surface Area

Math grade 6 - polyhedrons and surface area

Grade 9: Intro to Linear Functions & Function Notation

Math Grade 9 Unit Introduction to Linear Functions and Function Notation

Grade 9: Applied Linear Functions

Math Grade 9 Applied Linear Functions

Grade 10: Triangle Congruence

Math Grade 10 Unit Triangle Congruence